Retro Platformer Template

Super Mario Style HTML5 Game Template

Interested in making your own retro platformer game, but don’t know where to start? Look no further – this template provides you with a solid foundation for seeing your game through to the end. Available now on the Scirra Store – click here!

Inspired by the likes of Super Mario, and powered by Scirra Construct 2, this fully packed template comes with:

  • Original 16bit, SNES era Pixel Artwork
  • Simple, Modular Enemy AI
  • Automatic Progress Saving
  • Basic Level Select and 3 playable levels
  • Built in TMX Parsing for quick & easy level creation
  • Classic Power Up system
  • Fully Commented Code
  • Rich Retro Music and Sound Effects
  • TMX and PSD files included
  • Inspired by one of the greatest gaming series of all time
  • No 3rd Party Plugins
  • More add ons to come! Purchase now on the Scirra Store!

Retro Platformer Template
Purchase now on the Scirra Store