About Three Seven Interactive


I’m not going to argue whether or not there was ever a ‘golden age’ of video games. I suppose like some other gamers growing up in the 80/90s though, the simple aesthetic and fantastic story telling of the 8bit and 16bit eras really captivated my young imagination. I found myself in high school taking on small pixel and game art jobs on the j2me mobile platform, PC, and even some handheld console titles – all of which I’m sure you haven’t heard of. Through the years my skills and interests in graphic design took me through many different corners of the industry (web design, print media, photography) – and yet, I was never too far beyond my childhood dream of creating video games for people to enjoy.

This is more than simply creating video games – this is about creating experiences, telling stories, and putting smiles on the faces of gamers young and old – whether it be my own family that I’m now blessed to have, or someone on the other side of the planet.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for taking interest in something that I’m passionate about.

-Adam J. Howard, Head of All the Things