Unnamed Zelda Inspired Project

Here’s a concept I’ve been working on recently, codename: Defender.

Taking some cues from the Zelda series (BTW, Neutopia is pretty bomb. Go download it on your Wii), the goal of this game will be to survive as many enemy waves as possible using simple item upgrades and power ups.




Recently I’ve been watching some of the old 80’s Legend of Zelda Cartoon with my kids, and one thing I remember reading (I think) in the Hyrule Historia is that the original concept of the Legend of Zelda revolved around finding entrances to exploring the ‘under-world’ of Hyrule. The cartoon took some obvious inspiration from that concept, with under world entrances opening up almost randomly around Hyrule in attempt to nab the Princess (or the King, or the Triforce of Wisdom, etc).

In Defender, every few waves will see more entrances to a similar kind of underworld opened up, with successively more powerful enemies emerging to the surface to try and steal away a character that you’ve been tasked with defending.